The Patients Not Passports toolkit

Whether you want to take action as a healthcare worker, support people in your community, learn about immigration checks and charging in the NHS, or start a campaign where you are, our #PatientsNotPassports toolkit has what you need:

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If you a healthcare worker, you may also find the Doctors of The World Tool useful for information about supporting migrant patients and as a space where you can ask colleagues queries. This toolkit does not provide information on campaigning – so please do look at the #PatientsNotPassports toolkit as well.


Migrants’ Access to Healthcare During the Coronavirus Crisis is a Medact briefing paper, co-produced by Migrants Organise and the New Economics Foundation in June 2020. The report examines the barriers to accessing healthcare for migrants during the coronavirus crisis and the findings of the research lead to a series of urgent recommendations designed to help inform the government’s response to the public health emergency. The report’s findings highlights numerous cases of migrants being denied healthcare outright; or refusing to seek care due to fear of Government policies or racial profiling.

Patients Not Passports – challenging healthcare charging in the NHS is a Medact briefing paper examining NHS charging and the introduction of immigration controls in the NHS. It is designed to be a tool used to support people in campaigning against the Hostile Environment. It sets out the policy and ideological background to NHS charging; reframes and challenges some of the arguments used to justify the policies; and presents evidence and analysis of the likely impact of restricting access to the NHS. It also includes new data on NHS Trust’s response to the policy and reveals how little has been done to mitigate or monitor the harm it will cause. Originally released in March 2019, an October 2020 update incorporates new evidence and research into the impact of the NHS charging regime, as well as reflecting the growth in the Patients Not Passports campaign in the intervening period.

Learning from the international struggle for universal healthcare is a New Economics Foundation report exploring what we can learn from international practice, describing levels of migrant access to healthcare across Europe and the impact of different policies and practices. There are deep dives into four case study countries – Italy, Sweden, Germany, and Spain. The report highlights campaigns and movements that have successfully challenged barriers to accessing healthcare.

Print posters for your healthcare office

Print out a poster [download jpg or pdf] for them to put up in their surgery: At this surgery, we may ask you for blood, but we will NEVER demand to see your passport: