Sign the petition

Add your signature to make parliament debate revoking the bedside charges.

Write to your MP

Head to Write To Them, search your postcode and use the form to contact your representative. Here is a template letter you can use:

Local campaign toolkit

This toolkit should provide you with everything you need to start your local campaign and to support people in accessing healthcare.

First, here’s a guide on how to use the toolkit [Word doc download].

Toolkit part 1  – start your local campaign:

Toolkit part 2 – supporting your campaign as it grows:

Learn about the Immigration Act in the NHS

Charging regulations are complex and confusing. Click below to see a quick guide:

What is the Immigration Act [pdf download]

Read the arguments

Arm yourself with arguments to persuade healthcare workers and admin staff:

How to access free services

We have created a printable 12-page booklet for migrants to explain how to access healthcare and which NHS services are free to them. Please find it here:

Print posters for your healthcare office

Print out a poster [download jpg or pdf] for them to put up in their surgery: At this surgery, we may ask you for blood, but we will NEVER demand to see your passport: