The Department of Health and the Board of NHS England need to know the negative impact that these policies are already having around the country.  Our members have already witnessed people in hospitals and GP practices who’ve being denied the care they need, all because of misinformation and confusion about the new laws:

  • Ethnic and racial minorities are being racially profiled and asked for documentation before they receive care
  • Those uncertain of their eligibility are not visiting their doctors, and not bringing in their children for needed treatment, out of fear that it may have immigration consequences
  • Foreign-born staff working in the NHS itself are separated from their partners, who cannot afford the new surcharges and are prevented from entering the country

These are only some of the stories.  Why should vulnerable people, children, foreign-born workers and students bear the brunt of the ‘crisis’ in the NHS, which is actually the result of misguided austerity measures and privatisation policies?

If you have been affected, or have witnessed a negative impact, share your story with us by Leaving a Reply below.  Let us know where and when the incident(s) occurred, though you need not use real names.  You can contact us at if you’d like to communicate privately.

We will be sharing these stories with NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens.