BMA pass motion denouncing the Immigration Act

We are so happy! Motion 328 asking the BMA to denounce the Immigration Act and to promote the value immigrants bring to the NHS has passed!

Some excellent additional points were made, including how the Immigration Act raises safeguarding issues, how the infrastructure being implemented could eventually be used to charge all, regardless of immigration status, and the contractual difficulties that arise from asking doctors to act as border guards.

To see all of the action go down, please watch the following video from hour 3 exactly. It is about 10 minutes long.

Thank you to our colleague to Dr. Megan Parsons for presenting the motion. And thanks to you for supporting!

If you can, please do spread the message!


Motion by MEDICAL STUDENTS CONFERENCE. This conference is concerned about the impact of charging migrants for NHS services.

We ask the BMA, the Chair of BMA Council and the Chair of the International Committee to:

i) Run training workshops for BMA members about the influence immigration legislation has on doctors’ clinical practice.

ii) Commission a report into the negative impacts of the Immigration Act on patient care and access to health services.

iii) Run a public awareness campaign (including the production of materials, online infographics) on the value of migrant health workers to the NHS.

iv) Engage with other health unions and professional associations to issue cohesive guidance to all NHS staff (including administrative staff) advising them not to partake in any process of monitoring or deciding upon a patient’s migration status.

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